Abstract Critical

Yve-Alain Bois: Whose Formalism?

An article by Yve-Alain Bois originally published in the Art Bulletin in March 1996. Bois attempts to distance himself from Greenbergian formalism, mainly through a discussion of the meaning of Jackson Pollock’s drip paintings. The link is here.

  1. Patrick Jones said…

    Altho one reading of this essay is not sufficient to entangle its extraordinary lanquage,it confirms Alain-Bois status as a continually fascinating writer.I look forward to the day Abstract Critical takes a serious look at Greenberg advice to artists in their studio,particularly his last position.In relation to Olitski he continually stressed the importance of close tones,the deadliness of dark”holes” in the picture plane,etc.which resulted in Poons poured Elephant skin pictures.These are extremely relevant to a discussion of where Abstract Painting is today.Excellent reading.