Abstract Critical

Wendy White

Written by Sam Cornish

I’ve been intrigued by Wendy White’s work since coming across it on-line sometime last year. She has not as yet shown in the UK, so I haven’t seen it in the flesh. From a distance I like the inventive and solidly physical construction of her canvases, and the way their solidity is dissolved by spray painted fields and countered by a decentered approach to composition. She seems able to give a loose and casual approach to mark-making just enough bite. There is quite obviously a meeting of a trashy-urban Pop-type form of representation (in which the thing represented is imported almost directly into the work) and the more rarefied aesthetics of minimalism and Colour-field painting. But the meeting does not seem to made in a spirit of ironic quotation or subversion but simply because the two types of visual language are useful means to White’s ends. Her website is here.