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The Brancaster Chronicles

Robin Greenwood, Tree of Ornans, 2013

Robin Greenwood, Tree of Ornans, 2013

This summer, the first of an annual series of linked exhibitions with the overall title of The Brancaster Chronicles will take place in venues in Norfolk, Wiltshire and London, with each exhibition showing the work of two abstract artists. The exhibitions will focus upon making possible a live discussion of abstract art, and will be recorded, transcribed and published on abstractcritical, along with photographs of the work.
The artists taking part, and the dates around which the work can be seen are as follows:
Anne Smart, painter, and Anthony Smart, sculptor, will show their work around the end of July at their studios near King’s Lynn.
Hilde Skilton, painter, and Mark Skilton, sculptor, will show their work around the beginning of August at their studios near Bath.
Emyr Williams, painter, and John Bunker, painter, will show their work around the middle of September at a venue in London.
Fred Pollock, painter, and Robin Greenwood, sculptor, will show their work around the end of September at a venue in London.

Fred Pollock, Highland Spirit, 2012

Fred Pollock, Highland Spirit, 2012

Participation in the scheduled discussions themselves will be very limited, and will be comprised mainly of the artist themselves, in order to facilitate the recording of a focused dialogue. However, anyone interested will be able to arrange to see the work and talk with the artists on dates either side of the scheduled discussions. It is hoped that an ongoing discourse around the issues raised over the course of the four venues will be continued on abstractcritical, in which anyone will be able to participate.
If you wish to make arrangements to view any or all of these works around the above dates please contact Anne Smart <[email protected]> and you will then be put in touch directly with the relevant artists.
The necessarily small group of artists taking part in these exhibitions this year are attempting to address new issues of abstract art in the presence of actual painting and sculpture. If you are an artist interested in participating in the future, perhaps next year, please contact Anne Smart.

  1. Kevin Norton said…

    Engrosing 40 years ago,even more so today,pity we dont get to see tony smarts sculpture in Australia.

    • Sam said…

      Hi Kevin, On Thursday we will be posting part 2 of Alan Gouk’s article on steel sculpture, which deals with Smart’s sculpture, and that of his contemporaries

  2. Patrick Jones said…

    I have just participated in the most recent event of the series.We were looking at Robin Greenwoods sculpture and Fred Pollocks paintings,both of which were of an extremely high order of acheivement.Much to my surprise ,two hours and more of looking and talking about the work went by very quickly ,with an excitement and drama not captured on the transcripts.The comments were critical,incisive and above all,came out of an extreme generosity of sharing perceptions.This Brancaster Chronicles was an extraordinary moment in the History of Abstraction in this country

  3. Robin Greenwood said…

    Work by Fred Pollock and myself should be available to view around the end of September in London. Anyone wishing to do so should contact Anne Smart on the email above.

  4. John Bunker said…

    Just to remind everyone that the PV for Emyr Williams’ and John Bunker’s Brancaster Chronicles show ‘Room For Manoeuvre’ is this Thurs 12th Sept 6.30 till 8.30 at Unit 3 Project Space, ASC studios, Empson St, London, E33LT. All are welcome!

    Come and see the work ‘in the flesh’ and ‘tool up’ for the discussions to be published in the Bran Chron series here on AbCrit!

    John Bunker

  5. Noela said…

    Will we soon have images of Anne Smart and Anthony Smart?

  6. John Bunker said…

    Hi Patrick and all,

    Emyr and I will be showing work at Unit 3 Project Space, ASC Studios, Empson St, London, E3 3LT- Private view will be from 6.30 till 8.30 on Thursday 12th Sept. Would be great to see you there!

  7. Patrick Jones said…

    Can we have some more concrete dates and addresses,not for the talk ,but in order to see the work? Many Thanks Patrick Jones