Abstract Critical

‘I paint with my back to the world’, Agnes Martin

An interview with Agnes Martin from 1997. Robert Linsley recently wrote that ‘For an artist like Agnes Martin the grid is valid because it is obvious that she was present and aware for every moment of the lines’ passage across the canvas—or almost every moment—but that can be said of very, very few artists; so-called “geometric abstraction” almost always relies on pre-existent patterns.’

  1. Robert Linsley said…

    Midge, I think that preparation and measurement are one thing, maybe necessary to make any work, but working within pre-established patterns is something else. The first is concrete, the second is an abstract prison for the mind.

  2. midge said…

    regarding pre-existent patterns, i believe that Agnes Martin spent quite a bit of time and thought designing, measuring, etc, before drawing in and painting. which takes nothing away from her brilliant and deeply spiritual work….that she was indeed present and aware of each moment in relation to it.