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Gary Wragg on Joan Mitchell

“The management of “repetition” is crucial. If it degenerates to empty formula it becomes tedious. When works cease to hold the wall a sense of deflation can gradually change your initial response of enjoyment to a flat feeling of hollowness and it falls apart.  If on the contrary a genuine life, vitality and freshness is evident with colour and colour mixtures, scale and placement of marks then a painting blossoms and breaths. These works do breath, an achievement by any standard. Though they are of a large size, Matisse was right when he said that “size is not important because everything passes in front of the eye ”. When away from the painting it remains in your mind, and after time spent with a painting it becomes indelible content in your mind, you are left with the soul of the work, and size, at least relatively speaking, becomes irrelevant.”

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  1. Patrick Jones said…

    Really good to read Garys perceptive and visually acute comments on Joan Mitchell .Painters appear to be eloquent in spades about other artists work ,especially when they like the work.I didnt see this show ,but the one before ,where the energy in the marks was electric.Great artist.