Abstract Critical

Frank Stella’s Working Space

“By adding elasticity and flexibility to the promise of High Renaissance space, Caravaggio gave his successors the pictorial roundness and completeness that we call great and that we instinctively use as a standard to judge painting today, whether we realize it or not.”

“We may have to seek out Caravaggio’s way directly to help combat the recent enervation of painterliness. Our contemporary painterliness cannot seem to produce anything like the fullness of Delacroix, Turner, or Monet; it is as though pigment, light, and surface have disappeared into Mondrian’s black grid. We are left to worry about pictorial space almost by default.”

Here is a link to the opening chapter of  Frank Stella’s 1986 text Working Space. Working Space has already had some mention on abstract critical, in an article by John Bunker.