Abstract Critical

Frank Bowling Interview

Robin Greenwood talks to Frank Bowling on the occasion of an exhibition of his poured paintings at Tate Britain, which runs until March 2013. Bowling discusses his move away from figuration, his relation to American art, his adoption of abstraction, and his attitude to symbol, amongst other things. Perhaps of particular interest are Bowling’s comments on his ‘interest in architecture and sculpture’, and insistence that painting by ‘specific’ and exist as an ‘object’.

Further Reading: Frank Bowling’s Website

  1. Michael Robson said…

    A wonderful interview. Thank you.

    Frank mentioned that Abstract Art can go ‘all the way’.

    Did you press him more on this? Where does he think art is heading?

    Love to know the answer!

  2. Winston Kofi Galle Dawson said…

    The first and oldest hydrogen atom can be abstract art to behold defined (atomloea)to the final point.,in dialect I speak.

    • Winston Kofi Galle Dawson said…

      The starting unit of any concept in both time and matter is the abstract infinitesmal or (atomloea)an expression in an archaic dialect.It is understood better provided
      the artist speak it in the tribe too.

      • Winston Kofi Galle Dawson said…

        I first heard the name of the artist in 1967 in London as student and so I should talk about abstract art no further
        more good night.

  3. Joan Celestin said…

    Abstract art is like redefining how we see the universe,
    rediscovering all possibilities,
    everything that can happen will happen within abstract art.