Abstract Critical

Alan Gouk on his painting

Alan Gouk discusses his show of recent paintings at Poussin Gallery.

  1. jenny meehan said…

    I have learnt so much from this, so thanks for producing it. Only problem is I am now kicking myself for missing this exhibition!
    Keep the great videos coming!

  2. Hilde Kohly said…

    What makes Alan’s paintings so special is his phenomenal sensibility with colour. Colours that set the space and mood, colour areas, their shape texture and scale in relation to other colour areas, creating a liveness. So the characteristic I pick up on is the use of colour to structure the space of the painting. Alan’s work is intuitive, backed up by years of experience, which then reveals his characteristic style. Intuition and response are for the artist to realise during the activity of creating a painting, for me as viewer I see only the final result; spatial structure, arrived at through colour. My favourite painting in this show, is “When Cools Collide”. I get a sense of very clear decision making even though the application of paint is very free.